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DMAE Benefits

DMAE BenefitsWhat is DMAE?

DMAE is short for Dimethylethanolamine. It is an organic compound found in foods like salmon.

It is closely related Acetyl-L-carnetine and works as an antioxidant which promotes the production of glutathione. It is essential in the neutralization of free radicals.


How DMAE Works

DMAE started as a prescription drug under the name of Deanol.

As a precursor to choline it works by accelerating the production of acetyl l carnetine (another ingredient in Brainalin).

DMAE Benefits

DMAE benefits include the ability to assist kids with ADHD. Its original intended use is ADHD symptoms. Trials found that DMAE supplements showed a significant improvement in test scores on children with ADHD.

Clinical trials have found DMAE benefits expand to Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive problems.

Other DMAE benefits include:

+ Improves the Ability to Focus

+ Enhances Concentration

+ Helps fight ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease

Recent studies have also shown DMAE helps improve overall brain stability and produces a feeling of being calm while remaining alert.

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