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Remembering is Important for your Survival

Remembering is Important for your Survival

One of the most important skills that human beings are capable of is to think. We are known as thinking creatures; this ability is what sets us apart from all other animals. While there have been numerous research that supports the idea that other animals such as Gorilla’s, Whale and other forms of animals are capable of processing their thoughts into actions and not mere instincts, it is still incomparable to the ability of humans to think and act on our thoughts.

Everything is processed in the brain and everything that we learn from the time we were mere toddlers is stored in the brain. This very unique and highly complex section of the human anatomy is a vital part of our survival. Storing information, memories and skills are all dependent on our brain. So, it is important to preserve it and keep it functioning and in good condition for as long as we are alive.

How to preserve your memory

Our body is functioning day in and day out. Even when we are asleep, our brain is working to repair and regenerate damaged cells and organs. Why do we need sleep? It’s quite obvious now, right? The thing is that because we have so much to do – we work long hours and play even longer – we take for granted the fact that our brain is not able to rest as it should or at least switch to sub-conscious in order to recharge.

Close your eyes and sleep. To preserve our memory, let us remember not to abuse our brain. Give it time to rest. Our brain is divided into two sections, the conscious and the subconscious. When we are awake, our conscious mind is working to process thoughts, new ideas, taking stock of all the important matter and storing it in the right compartments for future references.

When we are asleep, the subconscious then takes over, processing all the things that the conscious mind was busy working on during the waking hour. While the conscious mind is at rest the sub-conscious functions on auto-pilot repairing, regenerating and doing maintenance work so that when you wake up, you can function well.

Abusing your brain can lead to memory loss. Not getting enough sleep doesn’t only lead to exhaustion it also results in memory loss. This destructive habit of not resting, of over-using the conscious mind can have adverse results.

Another very important factor that you shouldn’t take for granted is eating a healthy diet. Eating the right kind and the right amount of food that provides the nutrients needed by the brain to thrive and stay health is very important. While there are some foods that we can’t consume in the right amount, there is always the option of taking nutrition supplements that are very helpful.

It will also benefit you to exercise your brain. Never stop learning new things, read constantly to engage your brain in activities that will challenge it. Just like anything that is left idle, the brain too can become rusty. Remember to take care of your brain to preserve your memory, because this is your key to survival. The moment the brain starts to slow down, you are to start saying goodbye to the things you know how to do to thrive.

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