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Vinpocetine Benefits

Vinpocetine BenefitsWhat is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine is a semi synthetic extract from the periwinkle plant. It enhances the blood flow to the brain which produces neuron protective effects.

It is a known nootropic and it’s used for the improvement of memory and other cognitive problems. It is currently a prescription only product in Europe and Japan, but can be purchased as a supplement in the United States.

How Vinpocetine Works

Vinpocetine works as an anti-inflammatory agent. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Vinpocetine is also a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which causes improvement in the cerebral muscle tissue.

Vinpocetine Benefits

Vinpocetine is used in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Its ability to improve blood circulation to the brain results in an improvement in memory and brain functions.

Key Additional Benefits:

+ Increase Blood Flow to the Brain

+ Helps with Memory Impairments

+ Increases Glucose Delivery to Brain Neurons

Clinical trials on the benefits of Vinpocetine continue to emerge.

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